The mission of Follow the Dream Beauty Pageant Scholarship Inc. is to help young women grow professionally, emotionally and spiritually by inspiring, encouraging, and empowering them to pursue a higher education and to reach their full potential. In addition, we aim to show them how to demonstrate compassion for others by finding in others inherent goodness and integrity.

The power of the dream and the imagination is a remarkable thing. We aim to teach above all, that when you have a dream and you follow your dream you are living in the spirit of America and can achieve a life of happiness and success. It all begins with the dream.

We support and promote good moral character in our contestants and followers. We work to enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals and families and to eliminate barriers to opportunity for personal growth, self-fulfillment and achievement.
Follow the Dream Beauty Pageant Scholarship, Inc. allows our contestants to distinguish themselves on the basis of quality education, self-confidence, and values.

We empower young women by awarding the winner a college scholarship because we firmly believe that “Education Builds A Stronger Tomorrow.” Those who do not finish in first place nonetheless complete the educational and character building program that is a required part of entry, which is designed to promote growth and help them become more equipped for life, learning, and achieving their dreams.